Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world!
It was born thousands of years ago with one unique purpose; to bring people together and joy to the soul.
Beer is found everywhere and is consumed at any chance, in any place, at any time!
Its true magic unfolds when it accompanies good food and many good friends over dinner.
Offering many delicious appetizers and plenty of side dishes is the key to any successful dinner party.
When picturing a dinner table where various stuffed pickled peppers, baked mushrooms, and crackers decorated with delicious pastes are dancing harmonically around beer glasses, only one can be the choreographer…
And we are the audience enjoying the performance.


Summer in Greece… the sun, the sea, Ouzo and… Greek “mezes”!
A blessed land with pure magic in every corner.
Millions of people visit Greece every year and one of the words they add to their vocabulary is “Ouzo”.
Aromatic and canny, it is pleasurably drank and definitely hard to forget!
You will rarely hear the Greek “yiamas” (cheers), when a toast is made, without Ouzo being the protagonist.
And of course, you will never find it without it being surrounded by outrageously many spicy “mezes” (appetizers)!
At Almi, the love for our land and its cultural traditions is the inspiration for the creation of our delicious and unique appetizers.
Our spicy or sweet pickled peppers filled with various cream cheese mixtures are only a few of the appetizers offered to accompany Ouzo.
So, equip yourself with your best mood and a large appetite and get ready for “Greek Ouzo and mezes”!


From the French Merlot to the Greek Robola, every wine is able to tell the tale of its land.
Throughout the course of time, wine has closely followed local and international history and has played a great part in each lands culture.
Its charm and timeless wisdom have ranked it as one of the most romantic drinks in the western world.
Ideally, it is paired with elegant antipasti carefully chosen to perfectly blend with the selected wine.
At Almi, every hors d'oeuvre is gastronomically balanced offering a vast variety of pairing choices.
From our famous spicy stuffed peppers to our olives and baked mushrooms, Almi offers a large range of appetizers ready to challenge us to experiment with the numerous varieties of wine existing all over the world.
Bon appétit..!


Vodka is one of the most famous drinks in the world.
It is drunk neat or used in elegant cocktails.
Cosmopolitan and mysterious, it has been known to be the main drink in all the avant-garde parties.
Ingredients such as peppers, olives and horseradish are vastly used in Vodka cocktails highlighting their perfect fit.
The rich variety of tapas and finger food offered by Almi may accompany Vodka in a gastronomically correct, original and glamorous way!
Bite size cherry peppers with cream cheese, along with all kinds of stuffed olives, create a game of senses around this drink offering explosive combinations of flavors and aromas that simply remain unforgettable.


Some people relate whiskey with wild Greek night life; others with the company of a good book by the fireplace…
However you might drink it, when you hold its heavy glass and taste its richness, you become overpowered by its intense individuality and character.
Whiskey is combined with very particular antipasti and food. The pairing always depends on the type of Whiskey chosen for the occasion.
A popular Mediterranean pairing choice is the olive. At Almi, you may find a vast variety of olives, from plain to stuffed, allowing the possibility of a perfect match with the chosen Whiskey.
Another ideal combination offered by Almi is the Baked Mushroom with spice mixture. Its remarkable taste will definitely challenge you to find the type of Whiskey that is perfect for it.


Born in Greece, Retsina, a wine of “traditional designation”, is immensely popular locally and internationally.
Refreshing and bitter, this wine leaves a bubbly sensation in the mouth making it the perfect accompaniment for a meal.
Plenty of food and endless appetizers are always the scenery surrounding this beloved wine.
Almi, with its delicious peppers, its artichokes and stuffed wine leaves, its capers and its sun-dried tomatoes, decorates the canvas around Retsina for a banquet full of flavors and gastronomical temptations!